Calgary Herald

1953-05-30 Page 7



Baptist Choir Elects Executive At Banquet 

At the choir banquet held recently at First Baptist Church, Rev. Dr. J. Gordon Jones inducted the following executive for the coming year:
Honorary president, Dr. Jones; honorary vice-president, Mr. L. D. Reggin; president, Mr. A. Robert Pike; vice-president, Mr. Donald Clarke; secretary, Mrs. William C. Chapman; assistant secretary, Miss Martha McCoy; librarians, Mr. Ray Branton and Mr. Joseph Heatherington; treasurer; Mrs. H. K. Ball.
Group conveners elected are: flowers, Miss Doris Young; gowns stewardesses, Miss Marlene Brubaker and Miss Joyce Brubaker; gown stewards, Mr. Dick Reeves and Mr. H. K. Ball; social, Mrs. David Brand; and visiting, Mr. and Mrs. S. R. Reeves, Miss Dorothy Kennedy and Mr. William Muir.
Mr. Keith Ball, choir president, was master-of-ceremonies, and a sing-song was led by Mr. Donald Clarke. Miss Anne Gertzen was guest speaker, and short addresses were given by Dr. Jones, Mr. L. D. Reggin, Mr. J. M. Wallace, and Mr. Blaine Chapman. Guest soloists were Miss Madge Thomas Clarke, Mr. S. Roberts and Mr. William Davis. Miss Grace Webber Thompson was pianist, and a ventriloquist act was presented by Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Campbell. 

Extracted by J. Kynman 2014-11-06