Calgary Herald

1953-01-08 Page 6



Mrs. R. F. Berry Re-Elected President Of Hillhurst W.M.S. 

Mrs. R. F. Berry was re-elected president of the Hillhurst United Church W.M.S. recently, when a new slate of officers was installed by Rev. Dr. A. F. Marsh.
The complete slate is as follows: honorary presidents, Mrs. H. D. Marr and Mrs. A. T. Bell; past president, Mrs. W. F. Rook; president, Mrs. R. F. Berry; first, second, third, fourth vice-presidents, Mrs. L. A. Hunt, Mrs. S. G. Gregg, Mrs. Merle Jones and Mrs. A. W. Sheffield, respectively; recording secretary, Mrs. W. F. Rook and treasurer, Mrs. C. F. Hatfield.
Other offices filled are: corresponding secretary, Mrs. J. F. Fisher; Christian stewardship, Mrs. C. F. Rannie; associate membership, Mrs. L. J. Harvey, supply secretary, Mrs. C. McCredie; community friendship, Mrs. A. F. Marsh; literature, Mrs. W. R. Shearer; missionary monthly, Mrs. W. J. Gladsden; Christian citizenship, Mrs. D. B. Schooley; and press secretary, Mrs. E. A. Wait.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2014-08-01