Calgary Herald

1953-01-12 Page 7



Mrs. John P. Knop Elected President Knox United W.A. 

The W.A. of Knox United Church held its annual meeting Monday and the retiring president, Mrs. A. R. McTavish, and the retiring pianist, Mrs. E. Farren, were presented with gifts in appreciation of their splendid work.
The following officers were installed by Rev. G. Preston MacLeod: Hon. president, Mrs. G. Preston MacLeod; past president, Mrs. McTavish; president, Mrs. John P. Knop; first vice-president, Mrs. F. H. Boyd; second vice-president, Mrs. Bruce Hall; recording secretary, Mrs. James Black; treasurer, Mrs. W. J. Elliot; envelope secretary, Mrs. Everett Watters; Mother's Club, Mrs. Norman Priestley; social service, Mrs. Norman Priestley and Mrs. Conrad Dietiker; manse, Mrs. E. Lewis and Mrs. Roy Austin; floral, Mrs. W. W. McLaws and Mrs. W. J. Elliot; pianist, Mrs. Mrs. L. R. Flegal; publicity, Mrs. William Innes; counsellors: Mrs. M. I. McLachlan, Mrs. Gilbert Noton, Mrs. A. T. Pippard, Mrs. James Niven, Mrs. J. W. Richardson, Mrs. A. C. Smith.

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