Calgary Herald

1953-02-02 Page 7


Mrs. B. A. Moon Heads North Hill United W.M.S. 

Mrs. B. A. Moon took office as president of the North Hill United Church W.M.S. when Rev. J. L. Pottruff installed the following slate:
Honorary president, Mrs. J. L. Pottruff; past president, Mrs. R. C. Robertson; first, second and third vice-presidents, Mrs. Arthur Turner, Miss L. G. Fair and Mrs. R. C. Robertson; recording secretary and press, Mrs. E. E. Keen; treasurer, Mrs. R. E. Sanderson; Christian stewardship, Mrs. W. B. Jamison; associate helpers, Mrs. W. H. Harrison; community friendship, Miss L. G. Fair; temperance, Mrs. Ernest Bartlett; literature, Mrs. R. C. Robertson; missionary monthly, Mrs. W. M. Cassidy; supply, Mrs. J. F. Trick and Mrs. W. H. Moore; Mountview Home, Mrs.Ernest Bartlett; pianist, Mrs. W. H. Moore.
It was announced that the auxiliary had exceeded its allocation for 1952.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2014-09-13