Calgary Herald

1953-03-20 Page 6



Presbyterian W.M.S. Re-Elects Red Deer Woman

The Alberta Synodical of the W.M.S. of the Presbyterian Church re-elected Mrs. W. J. Kirkpatrick of Red Deer for a second term as president at the closing session of the 41st annual meeting at Grace Presbyterian Church Thursday afternoon.
In a report on supply given by Mrs. John Ross of Olds, it was announced that $651 worth of goods had been shipped to Rev. J. Y. Garrett at the Indian School at Rossburn, Sask., and cash totaling $302 was contributed for supplies during the year. An allocation of $300 was accepted for 1953.
REPORTING ON girls' organizations Mrs. A. L. Sutherland of Rocky Mountain House said membership in C.G.I.T. groups totaled 180, representing 19 groups at Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer, Fort Macleod and Peace River. Calgary had the largest membership with seven groups and 65 members.
Mrs. W. R. Bell of Red Deer noted increased interest in W.M.S. work in her report as corresponding secretary. Allocations had been met and funds had been set up to send one girl to Deaconess Training School in Toronto and three other students in Medicine Hat training school.
In a report on the Peace River presbyterial, Mrs. R. A. Davidson stated residential camps which had been established every 40 miles on the highway in that area were being served by the W.M.S. and the members had pledged themselves to purchase a portable organ to be used where no music was available at present. There were 54 members added to the W.M.S. during the last year. Only one deaconess worked in that district at present and another was needed, she said.
OTHER OFFICERS on the slate elected Thursday were: 
Honorary president, Mrs. R. S. Gibson, Calgary; past president, Mrs. G. Metcalfe, Calgary; vice-presidents, Mrs. J. Kelman, Edmonton, Mrs. A. Barroll, Calgary; recording secretary, Mrs. C. C. Downing, Red Deer; corresponding secretary, Mrs. W. R. Bell, Red Deer; treasurer, Mrs. E. C. Benner, Red Deer; evening department secretary, Mrs. J. G. Moors, Calgary; young women's secretary, Mrs. H. Becker, Grande Prairie; girls' organization secretary, Mrs. A. L. Sutherland, Rocky Mountain House; home helpers' secretary, Mrs. H. G. Marsh, Edmonton; library secretary, Mrs. H. Austin, Lethbridge; literaturesecretary, Mrs. A. C. Low, Calgary; welcome and welfare secretary, Mrs. P. Weber, Carstairs; supply secretary, Mrs. J. Ross, Olds; life membershipsecretary, Mrs. A. L. Forrester, Edmonton; visual aid secretary, Mrs. W. H. Carmichael, Calgary; Glad Tidings secretary, Mrs. A. A. MacGregor, Edmonton; student secretary, Mrs. M. O. Harback, Edmonton; press secretary, Mrs. L. Shaver, Medicine Hat; historian, Mrs. A. B. McGorman, Penhold.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2014-09-27