Calgary Herald

1953-02-06 Page 3



Church Returns Tried Officials 

Election of officers at the annual congregational meeting of Salem Lutheran Church Jan. 14 resulted as follows: deacons, three year term, John L. Johnson, re-elected, Lawrence Johnson; trustees for three year term-- Clarence Bengtson, re-elected, and Ray Ledene.
Cemetery caretakers for one year are Kermit Anderson 
and Ray Ledene. Ushers are Ronald Anderson and Lawrence Johnson, with Allan Axelson and Arnold Bloomquist as assistants.
SUNDAY SCHOOL superintendent is 
Clarence Bengtson. Beverley Ledene was named organist for a one year period, with Naomi Johnson as assistant. Mrs. Edward Perry is janitor for the year term.
A budget for $4,186 to cover church operations in the coming year was approved.
PASTOR HAROLD Erikson presided. He was installed as pastor of Salem 
and Faith Church at Rolling Hills May 29, 1952, following his ordination May 25, 1952.
The report by Clarence Bengtson, treasurer, showed the church in good financial condition. Auxiliary organizations reported 

Extracted by J. Kynman 2014-09-13