Calgary Herald

1953-01-13 Page 6


Mrs. A. C. Peirce Is New President Of South Calgary W.A. 

The annual installation of officers of the W.A. of South Calgary United Church was held recently with 23 members present.
Following the luncheon meeting, Rev. W. J. Huston conducted the devotional period and installed the following slate of officers: honorary presidents, Mrs. W. J. Huston, and Mrs. Walter Worsnop; president, Mrs. A. C. Peirce; vice-presidents, Mrs. W. J. Farris, and Mrs. H. Lee; secretary, Mrs. A. G. Robinson, and treasurer, Mrs. W. G. Brown.
Visiting committee installed was Mrs. H. A. Taylor, Mrs. D. R. Foulds and Mrs. T. Dyer; social conveners, Mrs. B. Siegrist, Mrs. L. A. Milner and Mrs Walter Worsnop; devotional convener, Mrs. D. G. Penner; press secretary, Mrs. A. G. Robinson; flower convener, Mrs. H. Lee; Mountview Home representative, Mrs. H. Pickering; manse conveners, Mrs. Alex Lowe and Mrs. A. H. Stephen.
Annual reports showed a successful year. One of the projects carried out during the past year was assisting in redecorating, and providing new drapes for the Sunday school-room.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2014-08-01