Calgary Herald

1953-01-26 - Page 7



South Calgary W.M.S. Holds Installation Of Officers For 1953

The W.M.S. of South Calgary United Church met recently at the home of Mrs. Ernest Gell, when Rev. W. J. Huston conducted the devotional period and installed the slate of officers for 1953.
Installed as president was Mrs. J. H. Beatty; honorary president, Mrs. W. J. Huston; past president, Mrs. Sydney Taylor; vice-president, Mrs. W. R. Emerson; treasurer, Mrs. David Barclay; and secretary, Mrs. D. G. Penner.
Group secretaries and conveners were installed as follows: associated members, Mrs. Walter Worsnop; community friendship, Mrs. W. J. Huston; Christian stewardship, Mrs. H. J. Pickering; temperance and Christian stewardship, Mrs. L. G. Darby; literature, Mrs. Sydney Taylor; magazine, Mrs. Ernest Gell; supply, Mrs. A. G. Robinson; press, Mrs. W. G. Brown; expense, Mrs. D. G. Penner; and pianist, Mrs. David Barclay.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2014-08-31