Calgary Herald

1953-02-06 Page 32


Sunday School Enrollment Is Up
St. Barnabas' Church Has Excellent Year 

Steady progress in all sections of the church organization was reported at the annual meeting of St. Barnabas Anglican Church held recently in the parish hall.
The Sunday school had an especially good year, and enrollment had increased to 448, with an average attendance of 239. There were now 39 teachers in the Sunday school.
All organizations had increased both in size and in finances, and receipts for the parish, including St. Alban's Hall, totaled $11,048, as against expenditures amounting to $10,821.
DURING THE YEAR, a second storey had been added to the Parish Hall at a cost of $33,000, of which $17,000 had already been subscribed. The additional storey was to accommodate the large Sunday school. Also, a new roof was put on the church at a cost of $1,553.
C. A. Richardson was presented with a desk set at the meeting in appreciation of his 40 years of service on the vestry. A bouquet of flowers was presented to Mrs. Richardson.
R. H. HOLBROOK was appointed Rector's Warden at the meeting, and A. N. Ledger became People's Warden.
Members of the vestry elected were: T. E. Bailie, L. H. Chapman, G. E. Ewens, John Gibney, A. R. Grindley, R. E. Harrison, W. J. Turner, W. E. Towne, W. E. Thompson, T. H. Thomas, H. Wilson, and W. E. Young.
Delegates to the Synod are: E. A. Hookway, L. H. Chapman, A. N. Ledger, R. H. Holbrook and C. H. Westmore. Substitute delegates are: Louis Jouvenat, A. R. Grindley, Milton Hicks, G. E. Ewens, and William Duffell.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2014-09-13