Calgary Herald

1953-01-23 Page 7


St. Barnabas W.A. Elects As New Head Mrs. A. A. Grindley 
Rev. J. E. Birchall installed the following new slate of officers at the recent annual meeting of the afternoon branch of the W.A. of St. Barnabas Anglican Church: honorary president, Mrs. J. E. Birchall; honorary vice-presidents, Mrs. W. W. Hawkswood and Mrs. P. Robin; past president, Mrs. W. E. Thompson; president, Mrs. A. A. Grindley.
First and second vice-presidents are Mrs. George Healy and Mrs. E. S. Tanner; treasurer, Mrs. H. V. Lewis; secretary, Mrs. H. C. Neal; and corresponding secretary, Mrs. Rollitt Appleby.
The various groups will be headed as follows: education, Mrs. A. H. Kelly; little helpers, Mrs. J. S. Pepperdine; Dorcas, Mrs. Arthur Postlethwaite; U.T.O., Mrs. M. A. Hicks; living message, Mrs. G. Mitchell; librarian, Mrs. Reginald Davis; visiting, Mrs. W. B. Compton; aprons, Mrs. H. Piper and Mrs. F. Colley; sewing, Mrs. F. D. Matthews and Mrs. M. Swan; prayer partner, Mrs. Rollitt Appleby; and pianist, Mrs. A. H. Kelly.
In appreciation of her many years of service to the W.A., a life membership was presented to Mrs. W. E. Thompson, the retiring president, by Mrs. W. R. Halpenny, president of the diocesan board.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2014-08-31