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1953-01-14 Page 7



Mrs. F. E. Fitzer Is New President Of W. A. Branch

Mrs. F. E. Fitzer was installed as president of the senior branch of the W.A. of St. Stephen's Anglican Church at the recent annual meeting. Mrs. W. R. Halpenny conducted the ceremony.
The complete slate of officers for 1953 is as follows: honorary president, Mrs. E. H. Maddocks; honorary vice-president, Mrs. A. C. Blackwood; president, Mrs. F. E. Fitzer; first and second vice-presidents, Mrs. J. W. House and Mrs. E. J. Legge, respectively; secretary, Mrs. C. Flint; membership secretary, Mrs. F. G. Orr; and treasurer, Mrs. Alec Blair.
Other group secretaries and conveners installed are: Dorcas, Mrs. C. H. Garvie; education, Mrs. E. D. McGreer; united thankoffering, Mrs. York Shaw; prayer partner, Mrs. E. J. Legge; sick-visiting, Mrs. H. Cappleman, assisted by Mrs. H. J. Cardell and Mrs. T. H. Higham; calendars, Mrs. L. J. Munn; tea, Mrs. George Backhouse, assisted by Mrs. D. H. Marshall; pianist, Mrs. G
eorge Reid and Living Message, Mrs. W. McRae and Mrs. Ronald Wood.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2014-08-01