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1953-01-17 Page 7



Mrs. J. E. Keir Begins 4th Term As W.M.S. Head

Mrs. J. E. Keir was re-elected president of the Wesley W.M.S. for a fourth term at the annual meeting held recently. The meeting took the form of a pot luck luncheon convened by Mrs. E. Ross, Mrs. J. Irvine and their committee.
Honored guests were Rev. and Mrs. Lynden Lawson, Dr. John Fawcett, Mrs. Ray Anderson, president of the Wesley W.A., Mrs. Vera Blackburn, superintendent of Wesley Sunday School, and representatives from four young W.A. groups. Mr. Lawson spoke briefly then conducted the ceremony of dedication of the executive for 1953.
REPORTS READ showed a year of progress for the W.M.S. An Evening Auxiliary was organized and convened by Mrs. M. J. Tuttle held nine meetings. Mrs. P. L. Quinton reported that in addition to the allocation of one quilt, one case and kit, 12 quilts were made and sent overseas and one sent to Greece; three private quilts netted $27 for the W.M.S.; three cartons of clothing were sent to Korea under the Unitarian Service Committee.
Mrs. G. D. Hamilton reported 2,369 calls during the year; Mrs. C. Barker, an aged associate member made 29,500 wipers for the Red Cross. The W.M.S. exceeded its allocation by $126. Five life members died, leaving 28 on the roll.
THE NEW executive slate was as follows: honorary president, Mrs. A. M. Scott; past president, Mrs. J. T. Atkinson; first vice-president, Mrs. T. W. Cuyler; second, Mrs. Myron Olmstead; third, Mrs. A. E. Lewis; recording secretary, Mrs. R. D. Webb assisted by Mrs. J. E. White; corresponding, Mrs. J. T. Atkinson; treasurer, Mrs. W. T. McFarlane; assisted by Mrs. C. A. Sundal; community friendship, Mrs. G. D. Hamilton assisted by Mrs. Neil McKechnie; Christian stewardship, Mrs. I. F. Fitch; associate members, Mrs. W. D. Mair assisted by Mrs. W. H. MacKay; supply, Mrs. R. D. MacArthur assisted by Mrs. S. B. Carrol; Missionary Monthly and World Friends, Mrs. Anton Bures and Mrs. H. E. Storey; literature, Mrs. P. L. Quinton; press, Mrs. M. Shapter; Christian citizenship, Mrs. Albert Marshall; baby band superintendent, Mrs. F. B. Smith and Mrs. B. F. Johnston; social conveners, Mrs. E. Ross and Mrs. J. Irvine; flower, Mrs. D. T. Townsend; pianist, Mrs. M. Shapter; U. N.  representative, Mrs. P. L. Quinton.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2014-08-22