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1953-04-04 Page 25



Alberta I.O.D.E. Re-Elects Mrs. H. A. Scott President

The Provincial chapter Alberta, I.O.D.E., elected Mrs. H. A. Scott of Edmonton as president for a second term, at the closing sessions Thursday of the three-day 33rd annual meeting held at the Palliser hotel.
Vice-presidents named were: first, Mrs. W. S. Ross, Edmonton; second, Mrs. Thomas Bishop, M.B.E., Calgary; third, Mrs. H. J. Patton, Medicine Hat; fourth, Mrs. A. W. Shaw, Vegreville; fifth, Mrs. J. Valliancourt, Peace River; and sixth, Mrs. H. R. Gillrie, Didsbury.
THE REPORT on immigration and Canadianization, given by Mrs. J. P. Schrader of Olds, expressed the following views of the chapters: there should be stricter screening of immigrants, physically, mentally and morally, and for Communistic affiliations, and to see that our laws are obeyed. There should be no block settlements; more British subjects should be encouraged to come to Canada, and some chapters felt that the government should give more financial aid to make this possible.
Mrs. R. H. Coles of Edmonton reported on the Canadian Association of Consumers, and Mrs. B. S. Cameron of Lacombe gave the Commonwealth and Empire report.
THE EXECUTIVE also includes: secretary, Mrs. R. E. Schroter, Edmonton; assistant secretary, Mrs. J. E. Robison, Edmonton; treasurer, Mrs. A. R. Cameron, Edmonton; financial secretary, Mrs. Dudley Orr, Edmonton; education, Mrs. J. A. Maley, Edmonton; assistant, Mrs. F. O. Roth; organizing,Mrs. T. C. Michie, Ponoka; assistant, Mrs. R. H. Coles, Edmonton; Echoes, Mrs. C. J. Orman, Calgary; supply, Mrs. D. T. Ritchie, Edmonton; standard bearer, Mrs. Margaret Roscoe, Edmonton.
The provincial president, Mrs. H. A. Scott of Edmonton, was elected delegate to the national annual meeting, and nominees for national councillors to be elected there include: Mrs. Thomas Bishop, Calgary; Mrs. C. L. Morton, Edmonton; Mrs. Howard Slack, Medicine Hat; Mrs. Alan Purvis, Calgary; Mrs. H. J. Schweitzer, Lethbridge; Mrs. M. G. Gourlay, Drumheller; Mrs. R. L. Nicolson, Calgary; Mrs. C. D. Ciley, Calgary; and Mrs. W. S. Niewchas, Edmonton. The five extra councillors elected were Mrs. R. A. McNaught, Edmonton; Mrs. B. Fox, Carbon; Mrs. M. J. Hilton, Edmonton; Mrs. W. E. Mundell, Lethbridge; and Mrs. J. L. Kergan, Drumheller.
PROVINCIAL conveners elected were: Services at home and abroad, Mrs. J. V. Horner of Edmonton; Empire and world affairs, Mrs. W. F. Shaw, Vegreville; publicity, Mrs. C. B. Linton, Edmonton; immigration and Canadianization, Mrs. W. P. Williams, Calgary; hospitality, Mrs. H. N. Knight, Edmonton;  films, Mrs. Owen Williams, Lethbridge; Commonwealth and Empire, Mrs. B. S. Cameron, Lacombe.
Mrs. J. M. Forbes, Edmonton, was named third member of the war memorial and coronation bursary committee, and Edmonton was selected as place of the 1954 annual meeting. The 1953 semi-annual meeting will be held in Medicine Hat.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2014-10-06