Calgary Herald

1953-05-13 Page 10


Women Of Moose Groups Give Reports On Activities 

The annual academy of friendship session, Women of the Moose for Alberta, was held recently at Edmonton, with the deputy grand regent, Mrs. Margaret Linklater, as presiding officer, and the past deputy grand regent and member of the college of regents, Mrs. J. S. Rennie, of Edmonton, as chairman.
Receiving the degree were: Mrs. Lorne Lytle, Mrs. Fred Kell, Mrs. Dan Morland and Mrs. Auriel Smythe of Calgary; Mrs. Samuel Lentz, Mrs. Horace Ayling, Mrs. Hilda Robinson, Mrs. Gil Wiebe, Mrs. George Younger, Mrs. Emil Drefs, Mrs. Howard Statz, Mrs. Rowena MacLeod of Medicine Hat; Mrs. David Jones of Blairmore; Mrs. John Williams, Mrs. William Williams, Mrs. Stan Bartram, Taber; Mrs. G. N. Speer, Mrs. J. B. Birch, Mrs. Ann Berry, Mrs. A. Aivid, Mrs. William Massie, Mrs. D. Allen and Mrs. W. Williams of Edmonton.
THE ADDRESS of welcome was given by Mrs. James Grey, Edmonton, and the response by Mrs. Victor Bellagente, Medicine Hat. A talk on the history of the academy of friendship, which is the second degree of the Women of the Moose, was given by Mrs. J. S. Rennie, and the history of the academy of friendship scholar fund by Mrs. Albert Peacock of Calgary. Calgarians assisting in conferring the degree were Mrs. Milton Dressel, Mrs. J. S. Cole and Mrs. Gwen Broatch.
The Women of the Moose, Calgary Chapter No. 51, held its monthly business meeting recently in the Moose temple, with the senior regent, Mrs. Glen Krausnick, presiding. Correspondence, reports of standing committees and applications for membership were read. Plans were made for the draw for the membership peggy dolls to be held at the next meeting.
THE DRAW for the Moose emblem cushion tops, sponsored by the publicity committee, was won by Mrs. P. H. Feth, of Camrose, Alberta. A box social, sponsored by the hospital guild committee, will be the feature of the chapter night meeting, to be held May 19, at 8 p.m. in the Moose temple. Members of Loyal Order of Moose No. 1226 and their friends are invited to attend.
The Moose bowling league held its annual banquet and dance recently in the Moose temple. Winning first place was "Mooseheart" with Mrs. Geo. Storm, Mrs. Keith Nickle, Mrs. Matin Burns and Mr. Dick Miller, with Mr. Leonard Tabert as captain. Second prizes were awarded to "Moose," with Mr. Glen Krausnick, captain, and Mrs. Ernest Brooks, Mrs. Dick Millar, Miss Millie Stanford and  Mrs. Jake Braybrooke on the team.
THIRD PRIZES went to  "Purity, Aid, Progress," with Mrs. Len Bullard, Mrs. John Strecker, Mrs. Sidney Bent, Miss Phyliss Sawnson, and captain, Mr. Graham Broatch.
Consolation award went to "Fellowship" with Mrs. Glen Krausnick, Mrs. Stanley Cole, Mrs. Graham Broatch and Mr. Sidney Bent, and captain, Mr. Stanley Wills.
Miss Jean Gauld was winner of the women's high single, and Mr. John Noonan won men's high single and high three. A gift was presented to Mr. and Mrs. Glen Krausnick for their able managership during the season.
Following the banquet dancing was enjoyed by members and friends of the Loyal Order of Moose, with Mr. and Mrs. Len Davis supplying the music.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2014-10-26