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1953-01-06 Page 22


Women's Institute News
Rural Branch Members Elect New Executives 

Mrs. T. Edwards was awarded the attendance prize for the year. Officers for the new year are: Mrs. T. Edwards, Mrs. J. Anderson, Mrs. H. Mooney, Mrs. S. McAllister, Mrs. A. Silbernagel, Mrs. T. Thompson and Mrs. A. Kemp. Members of the girls club will be guests at the January meeting when clothing for the Unitarian Service Committee will be contributed.
The retiring president Mrs. W. Dodd was presented with a gift in appreciation of her work during her term of office. Reports of the secretary and standing committee conveners reviewed a year's satisfactory work. Contributions were made to the A.W.I. fund, the rest room fund and the Milk for Korea fund. The meeting was completed with a Christmas party.

Contributions were made toward the Christmas tree fund and for a projector for the school. Members pledged support of the public library. New officers include Mrs. J. Barton, Mrs. A. Munro, Mrs. N. Van Dam, Mrs. Van Matt, Mrs. S. Cummings, Mrs. G. Bohush and Mrs. G. Campbell.

Mrs. James Street was hostess for the December meeting which included the election of officers as well as a Christmas party, with carols, games and gifts.

Mr. Stan Hodgson was winner of the rug raffled by the group. Reports showed a year's good work completed. The new executive includes Mrs. W. McNaughton, Mrs. H. Stromsmoe, Mrs. D. H. Yewell and Mrs. C. Bowness.

The meeting was proceeded by a pot-luck Christmas dinner enjoyed by 22 members and two visitors. Contributions were made for the Milk for Korea fund and another collection will be made for Greek relief. Raffles will be eliminated in 1953. Cards and candies were sent to absent friends. A card party was arranged for Jan. 7. Mrs. C. Dunwoody is a new member.

Toys were contributed at roll call and these were sent to the Wood's Home. Work for the new year will be helped by the good profits made at the raffle and sale of work held earlier. Officers for the year are:-- Mrs. E. Lowrie, Mrs. H. Christiansen, Mrs. D. Neilseon and Mrs. R. Spooner. A card party was arranged for Jan. 7 and a St. John's Ambulance course will be started the next week. The next meeting will be Jan. 15 at the home of Mrs. C. Gibbs.

The retiring president, reviewed the year's work and was given a vote of thanks for her contribution to the branch. New officers include Mrs. Allan  Smith, Mrs. Sandy Gerrard and Mrs. Fred Schaefer. A letter of greeting was sent the newly-formed institute at Clarendon.

Members filled candy bags for the community Christmas tree. New officers are Mrs. C. Currie, Mrs. R. Anderson, Mrs. N. Fox, and Mrs. G. Lippolt.

Mrs. J. Kershaw was speaker for the afternoon, describing Christmas customs in Newfoundland. Each member brought a toy for the Red Cross hospital and $16 was voted for the constituency project of equipment for the Didsbury hospital. New officers are:-- Mrs. Henry Fischer, Mrs. Lloyd Fischer, Mrs. Emile Dupont and Miss Emily Dupont.

Felt pot-holders were made as gifts for the mothers. The meeting was completed with a Christmas party.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2014-07-27