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1953-02-24 Page 6


Mrs. H. V. Morgan Heads Big Sister Association 

The Big Sister Association elected Mrs. H. V. Morgan president at its annual meeting held  Monday in the club rooms. She succeeds Mrs. R. V. Addy.
In her directors' report, Mrs. Hilda M. Brown stated the association had assisted 106 girls during the year. Thirty of these were regular attendants and another 36 came occasionally for group meetings and counseling.
FIFTEEN of the Big Sisters had taken a keen interest in this work under the chairmanship of Miss Bunty Niven. In addition to craft-work, singing, sewing and square dancing, the Little Sisters presented a Christmas program for the Old Folks at Sunset Lodge. They also entertained their mothers and board members, giving demonstrations of their work and a program of singing, tumbling and dancing.
The girls themselves were also entertained by various local groups.
THE LITTLE SISTERS were given counseling on such matters as school attendance, medical problems and were provided with part-time employment such as baby-sitting. During the year 18 girls received scholarships for business courses, music and school books, transportation and clothing. Fifteen senior Little Sisters were sent to Camp Kiwanis in the summer.
The clothing department was one of the most active, with good used clothing being donated by various individuals and groups.
The Big Sisters, a group of 49 volunteers including housewives, business girls and professional women, met each month at a dinner meeting at which there was a guest speaker.
IN HER PRESIDENTIAL report, Mrs. Addy reviewed the year's activities  and thanked members of the club and individuals and organizations who had assisted during the year. She urged members to determine whether services which the agency offered were needed and wanted in the community, and then make certain the public was made aware of its good works.
In the financial statement, Mrs. H. F. Critchley reported a balance of $364, with expenditures of $4,499 for the year. In the scholarship account there was a balance of $826.
THE SLATE of officers for the coming year also includes: Vice-president, Mrs. H. F. Critchley; secretary, Miss Marion Dodds; treasurer, Miss Edna Gainor.
Board members: Mrs. Dudley Batchelor, Mrs. Frank Driscoll, Mrs. A. J. Fisher, Mrs. Benjamin L. Gurewitch, Miss Gladys Halsell, Miss Margaret Holmes, Mrs. Arthur Hoole, Mrs. R. E. Humphries, Miss Olive Jagoe, Mrs. W. K. Jull, Miss Ethel McDonald, Mrs. John McKay, Mrs. J. D. Middlemass, Mrs. C. A. Nabors, Mrs. J. D. Petrie, Mrs. William Richards, Mrs. E. P. Scarlett, Mrs. Peter Schofield, Mrs. J. Grant Spratt, Miss Marion Sutherland, Mrs. Llew Valentine.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2014-09-19