Calgary Herald

1953-02-23 Page 7


Mrs. Wm. Stewart Heads Col. Boyle I.O.D.E. Chapter

Mrs. William Stewart was elected regent of the Col. Russell Boyle Chapter, I.O.D.E., at the recent annual meeting attended by 33 members.
Other officers elected were: Honorary regent, Mrs. Russell Boyle; vice-regents, Miss Joan Mather and Mrs. Frank Morgan; secretary, Mrs. Katherine Munro; treasure, Miss Kathleen Tempest; educational secretary, Mrs. George Hume; Echoes secretary, Miss Jennie Hambley; and standard bearer, Mrs. Lewis Mather.
MISS JOAN MATHER, educational 
secretary, reported a power tool, flag, magazines and  Christmas gifts had been sent to an adopted school of Cree-Metis children at Calling Lake, Alberta; text books to a needy local high school student; and a large picture of Queen Elizabeth II, sent to the new Conquerville school at Bow Island.
Mrs. Frank Driscoll, convener 
of services at home and abroad, reported shipment of 13 food parcels to Britain had been made; a Christmas parcel sent to the Brit-com hospital in Japan; monthly visits and supplementary groceries and a small radio purchased for an old-age pensioner; good used clothing distributed to needy families; knitted baby garments and an afghan sent to the British Save-the-Children committee overseas; and 22 pairs of knitted socks donated to aged men at the Ogden Hostel; 33 nursery bags were made and filled for shipment to sick children in hospitals in Britain; and layettes were made for local needy mothers.
Hospitalized war veterans were assisted through two sales of handicraft during the year and 
also through the purchase of a handmade wool rug from a paraplegic veteran.
MEMBERS also assisted on Poppy Day sales; canvassing for the cancer drive and the Community Chest; and a blind woman was taken on shopping trips and to play rehearsals.
Two bridge drives and a rummage sale were held during the year.
Gifts were presented to retiring regent, Mrs. E. S. Buchan, and to Mrs. Frank Morgan and Miss Kathleen Tempest, secretary 
and treasurer, respectively, in appreciation of their work during the past year.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2014-09-19