Calgary Herald

1953-02-12 Page 15


Y.W.C.A. Names Mrs. D. E. Bickell To Presidency
Annual Meeting Told Organization Had Good Year 

Mrs. D. E. Bickell was elected president of the Calgary Y.W.C.A. at the annual meeting of the organization Wednesday evening.
Mrs. Bickell served in the capacity of president during most of 1952, having taken over the position from Mrs. Ray Atkinson who resigned last spring and moved to Edmonton.
Also elected to the executive were: Mrs. J. M. Gardiner, first vice-president; Mrs. Dave Wilson, second vice-president; Mavis Chittick, third vice-president;Mrs. Enid Cameron, recording secretary; Mrs. S. H. Shouldice, corresponding secretary; and Mrs. A. W. Hobbs, treasurer.
Elected to three-year terms on the board of directors were: Mrs. R. M. Haughlan, Miss I. M. Ellis, Mrs. Harry Levant, Mrs. A. O. Jordan and Mrs. C. L. Sheppard.
was elected for a one-year term on the board. Two positions on the board for two-year terms will be filled at a later date.
In a general report of 
Y.W.C.A. activities for the year, Mrs. A. M. Waite, executive-director, stated that the $400,000 contract for the building of a swimming pool and gymnasium had been awarded to the firm of Bennett and White. She added that construction of the building is expected to get under way at an early date.
The residence had an exceptionally good year Mrs. Waite said, having been completely occupied during most of 1952. A total of 1,813 transients and 74 permanent guests are listed in the 1952 record book.
THE "Y" MOUNTAIN chalet at Banff gave the organization a profit last year and allowed the board to vote $900 towards its world fellowship allocation. A total of 788 guests were registered at the chalet during the year.
The counselling and travellers' aid reported that 5,811 individuals were given information, social assistance or courtesy services in 1952.
The financial statement showed an income of $66,985.67 and total expenditures of $65,558.32 for the year, giving the "Y" a balance of $1,407.35 to start off 1953. The Community Chest provided $16,000 of the income.
MEMBERSHIP IN the association showed a steady increase and the adult membership totalled 578 for the year. Juniors and Pixies numbered 200 and there were 225 Y-teens.
A statistical report of the operations of the 
Y.W.C.A. showed that 63,334 meals had been served at the residence during the year.
Guest speaker Dr.
 James Fowler, executive secretary of the Community Chest, gave a humorous talk on the Scots,whom he described as having a rich endowment of humor-- the product of kindly hearts.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2014-09-13