Calgary Herald

1953-05-06 Page 6


American Woman's Club Executive Takes Office

Mrs. V. J. Moroney began her second term as president of the American Woman's Club when she officially took office at the group's annual May luncheon held Tuesday in the Crystal room at the Palliser hotel. The rest of the executive slate, which was elected in March, also assumed their posts.
According to the report of the corresponding secretary, Mrs. Wayne A. Phares, the club membership totals 313 paid members, of which 275 are resident in Calgary. Forty new members were welcomed during the year and 30 resignations accepted.
AN ACTIVE YEAR was summarized by the recording secretary, Mrs. Merle Jones, who listed eight general meetings and many philanthropic enterprises in which the club members took part.
These included canvassing for the Canadian Red Cross for which they raised $1,793; canvassing for the Cancer campaign; attending classes held in first aid held by the civil defence office; donations made to the St. John Ambulance, the Red Cross, Junior Red Cross hospital, Cancer Society, Lacombe Home, Wood's Christian Home and veterans. Among other club activities that highlighted the season were the rummage sale, a pot-luck luncheon, pot-luck supper, carnival, Thanksgiving dinner, Christmas tea, Valentine's tea and the George Washington tea.
MRS E. O. ABBOTT gave the treasurer's report, announcing a credit balance of $4,714. The finances were divided into three separate funds as follows: general fund, balance of $584; club house find, $28; and social service fund, $538. Dominion of Canada bonds totalled $3,550.
 In her presidential report Mrs. Moroney introduced the new officers and thanked the members for their cooperation during the year. She likened the year of club activities to a painting to which each member had contributed. Some contributions were there in fine color, others were small daubs and a few had made no marks at all.
Mrs. Moroney announced that a scholarship of $45 was being given by the club to send a student to the Banff School of Fine Arts this year to study the work of the U.N. Another sum of $299 was being donated to purchase a sewing machine for the use of girls from 18 to 20 years of age who were patients in the Junior Red Cross Crippled Children's Hospital.
A 25-YEAR pin was presented to Mrs. J. K. Penley.
Other reports given were: domestic science, Mrs. J. E. Guyn; arts and crafts and board of trustees, Mrs. Wilbur F. McNeill; constitution and by-laws, Mrs. Leo Pearson; auditing committee, Mrs. R. F. Lawrence; calling committee, Mrs. R. Lore; social service, Mrs.
John Rodgers; social service fund, Mrs. Fred Phillips; hospital and memorial, Mrs. A. P. Phillips; year book, Mrs. F. M. Motter; May luncheon, Mrs. T. A. Halbrook; rummage sale, Mrs. R. R. Rayburn; United Nations, Mrs. Ed Armey; dessert bridge parties, Mrs. John A. Legge Jr.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2014-10-19