Calgary Herald

1953-03-27 Page 21


Second Calgary Carpenter Local  Obtains Charter

J. T. Lee Is Named President Of Group

A new labor charter was installed Thursday night in Calgary's Labor Temple, thus bringing into being Local 2103, United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America, A.F.L.
This was communicated to The Herald this morning by A. V. Cooper of Toronto, international general executive board member for Canada, who disclosed that the officers of the new local were: T. J. Lee, president; Lyal Payne, vice-president; Arthur Channell, recording secretary; Percy Hooper, financial secretary; Sam Littke, treasurer; Ernest Craven, conductor; Harry Perry, warden, and George MacEwen, F. J. Kelly and Fred Wood, trustees.
The press had not been permitted to attend the meeting.
THE DISPUTE which has raged between the group that broke last December with Local 253, United Construction Workers, an affiliate of District 50, United Mine Workers of America, has thus been brought a stage further. At that time, rebel chief P. B. Hooper claimed to have led 400 fellow rebels away from Local 253, and sought affiliation with the U.B.C.J.A.
Application for a charter was first made Jan. 12, and Thomas A. McCloy, Alberta representative of the U.C.W., from which the dissidents split, said: "The reason for so much delay in the granting of this charter is that so many dogs have been fighting over one bone. Local 1779 wants to take over the whole show in Calgary, seeing no reason why there should be two locals of the same union in the same place, while Mr. Hooper is anxious to be his own boss.
That the established A.F.L. men have no intention of permitting a truly autonomous, second local to operate here is shown by the fact that they moved into Watson Construction last week and obtained certification of the men on that company's projects-- projects which previously had been under the control of Mr. Hooper.
"FURTHERMORE," Mr. McCloy said, "final plans for the switch from U.C.W. to A.F.L. were supposed to have been made last January, yet it is only now that the charter has been installed, and what has happened is that the men who thought they were going to operate independently have been completely sold out to Local 1779."
This was vehemently denied by Mr. Cooper and his associates, who stated that the reason for the delay in installing the charter was occasioned by Mr. Cooper having to attend an international board meeting held in Florida during February and March. As to the certification which had taken place on Watson Construction jobs, it was claimed that the men on those jobs had indicated their desire to become part of Local 1779, and that it was their democratic right to do so if they wished.
"IN FUTURE," said Mr. Cooper, a joint committee formed from both locals on a per capita basis will meet on all matters of business affecting the two, and arrangements have been made to set up a district council in which will be included all branches of the union employed in the woodworking industry. The joint committee will meet as soon as possible with Calgary general contractors to negotiate contracts for the coming year.
"Local 1779 executive attended last night's meeting and has promised wholehearted support for and co-operation with 2103," he stated.
Mr. Cooper agreed that there had been "considerable confusion" locally between 1779 and the members of what is now 2103, but said that in future men would recently freely be able to choose the local they wished to join.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2014-10-06