Calgary Herald

1953-12-05 Page 27


Chamber Names 25 Councilors 

Twenty-five vacant seats on the 1954 council of the  Calgary Chamber of Commerce were filled Friday.
From a list of 60 nominees Ernest E. Peterson, chairman of the nominations committee, announced the election results. More than 50 per cent of chamber members voted.
THE NEW COUNCILLORS: J. F. Burritt, R. G. Brown, Grant M. Carlyle, Frank Collicutt, A. Crawford-Frost, George Edworthy, Glen Elder, D. A. Hanson, Maurice E. Hartnett, J. M. Jackson, R. H. Jenkins, R. M. Johnston, J. Howard Kelly, Q.C.; Ernest A. Locke, J. C. Mayne, Grant MacEwan, E. A. McCullough, Charles McKinnon, MacDonald Millard, Q.C.; J. V. H. Milvain, Q.C.; S. J. Parkinson, N. E. Tanner, H. E. Timmins, Dr. W. Ross Upton and R. S. Woodford.
The 1954 president of the Chamber will be elected Dec. 11 at a meeting of the council.

 Extracted by J. Kynman