Calgary Herald

1953-05-02 Page 7

Speaker Outlines Land Ownership Rights In West

At a recent meeting of the Calgary Desk and Derrick Club held at the Al San Club. The guest speaker was Mr. George Chadburn, manager of the land department of Seaboard Oil Co., of Delaware. In his speech on "The Ownership of Western Canada's Oil Lands" he stated that the distribution of oil rights throughout Western Canada was broken up into six principal ownerships.
1. The Crown-- which held more than 95 per cent of the oil rights in Western Canada.
2. C.P.R.-- holding 25 million acres of oil rights.
3.  Hudson's Bay Oil and Gas Company-- holding seven million acres.
4. Calgary and Edmonton Corporation-- holding one million acres.
5. Western Minerals-- half a million acres.
6. Indian lands-- three million acres.
EACH OWNER obtained rights for some express purpose or some service performed. Example, C.P.R. for construction of railroads from Eastern Canada to Pacific Coast; Hudson's Bay Co. for purposes of exploiting fur resources in the early days of Canada; Calgary and Edmonton Corporation through the land grants of the Dominion of Canada for purposes of branch lines to main railroads; Western Minerals through the C.P.R. obtained land grants for the purpose of constructing branch lines million in the north east part of Alberta.
In 1867 and 1877 the Indians surrendered their rights for services and protection offered by the government. Each member of the band was given 128 acres with mineral rights. 120 separate reserves were set up totalling three million acres. Each band of Indians reserves the right to decide whether their reserve will be opened to oil exploration. Rights are then transferred to the Dominion government for administration and are held in trust for them by the Department of Indian Affairs.
In 1930, the Dominion government turned over to Alberta the ownership of its mineral reserves on 132 1/2 million acres of land.
MR. CHADBURN concluded by saying that Alberta forms its own laws and regulations as other provinces. Since the transfer of control  it has done an excellent job of administration,. This is in part due to the more rapid development of this province.
Special guests for the evening were Mr. N. E. Tanner, president of Merril Petroleum; Ward B. Tennis, manager of Canadian Well Services Ltd., and Mrs. Marg. Reeves of the land department of Shell Oil Co. of Tulsa Oklahoma.
More than 100 members were on hand to hear details of a new field trip to Banff, June 6, planned by the committee in charge. Total cost of this trip is to be only $10 and Miss Joyce Gusby reminded members to get their application in early. The sports committee report presented by Miss Claire MacRae outlined plans for a golf tournament to be held in Banff during the field trip. Miss Eleanor Crockett gave a short resume of her two recent trips to Regina and Tulsa as regional representative.
Delmar Studios of dancing gave a demonstration of different dances for the girls prior to the meeting, and films entitled "1950 Grey Cup Game" was shown by the courtesy of Jones Rubaitre.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2014-10-19