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1953-10-07 Page 6


Earl Grey Golf - Officers - 1953-10-07

Members of the Ladies Section of the Earl Grey Golf Club recently concluded the season with a banquet at the clubhouse. Autumn tones of bronze and gold mums with mountain ash berries decorated the tables. The president, Mrs. Robert T. Gilbert, presented the competition prizes for the year assisted by the captains Mrs. James Hill and Mrs. Sydney Browne. Musical selections were given by Mrs. Lee Trimble, after which bingo was played.
The following officers were elected for 1954 season.
President, Mrs. Gordon MacWilliams; past president, Mrs. Robert T. Gilbert; vice 
president, Mrs. John Graber; captain, Mrs. Sydney E. Browne; vice captain, Mrs. James Hill; secretary treasurer, Mrs. Reginald Woolston; social convener, Mrs. Wallace Jennings; house convener, Mrs. Arthur McGuire; phone convener, Mrs. Francis Field; press convener, Mrs. Ted Preston.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2014-12-23