Calgary Herald

1953-04-15 Page 9


Miss C. L. Williams Re-elected Regent Of I.O.D.E. Chapter 

Miss C. L. Williams was re-elected regent of the Annie McDougall chapter of the I.O.D.E. for a second year at the annual dinner meeting held recently at the home Mrs. W. B. Graham.
Miss Violet Smith and Mrs. L. A. Rackam were named vice-regents; Miss Enid May, secretary; Miss Alice Slater, treasurer; Miss Pauline Miller, educational secretary; Mrs. W. B. Graham, Echoes secretary; Miss Winnifred Lochtie, standard bearer.
Mrs. R. L. Nicolson, honorary regent, was guest of honor. The secretary, Miss Enid May, reviewed the year's activities. Miss Alice Slater gave the auditors' report, showing all commitments had been met, with donations made to the coronation bursary and miscellaneous educational fund, British and European relief, shipping fund, sea men's amenities, Commonwealth and Empire affairs, peace garden, film fund, John Howard Society, and Nick Bedniak fund.
A. donation toward the purchase of a piano was sent to the chapter's adopted Indian school at Morley. A layette was made for maternity assistance and two needy families were helped during the year. Books, magazines and clothing were donated to the Veterans' Convalescent hospital and the Col. Belcher hospital. Visits were made to patients and parties given for them.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2014-10-12