Calgary Herald

1953-11-06 Page 31


Kiwanis Clubs Elect Officers 

Three of Calgary's four Kiwanis clubs Thursday elected officers for 1954.
Jack Greig was elected president of the North Calgary club; Fred Ougden and Norman Reid were named vice-presidents; Gordon Jobb, treasurer and Charles Ross, secretary. Directors are Norman Dyer, Frank Knight, Elmer McDougall, Len Samuelson, Harry Eisenhower, Art Fry and Harl Huget.
IN THE SOUTHWEST Calgary club Norman Birch was named president; Frank Norman and Don Kennedy, vice-presidents; Don Ebsworth, secretary and Charles Hay, treasurer. Directors are George Bartlett, Bob Beasley, George Hislop, Jorge Kletsky, Bert Taylor, Ron Packer and Dick Tregillus.
In the Calgary East club Syd Magrath was elected president; Jimmie Clark, vice-president; Cy Garner, secretary and Fred Gardin, treasurer. Directors are Frank Manzara, Mab Cooper, James Gilkes, Jerry Whitfield, Marl Ward, Howard Miller, Don Boyce and Stan Cooper.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2015-01-11