Calgary Herald

1953-10-29 Page 7


Officers Elected At Annual Dinner By Bowling Group

At the annual dinner and election of officers held recently by the Calgary Ladies Lawn Bowling Club, the 
following officers were elected:
President, Mrs. James Cutler; vice-president, Mrs. L. Wright; past president, Mrs. R. E. Moir; secretary, Mrs. Thomas Jackson; treasurer, Miss Betty Proctor; and executive, Mrs. John Jackson, Mrs. Frank Thompson, Mrs. Forbes Sproule, Mrs. R. B. Gale, Mrs. J. D. Johnston, Mrs. Ernest S. Tinney, 
Mrs. Alex Shearer, Mrs. Monty Cunningham and Miss Babs Irvine.
Prize winners for 1953 were as follows: victory games, first, 
Mrs. R. E. Moir, Mrs. Alex Forsyth, Mrs. M. Hodgkinson and Miss Babs Irvine; second, Mrs. Monty Cunningham, Mrs. Alex Shearer, Mrs. R. B. Gale and Mrs. J. Thomson.
Winners of coronation triples were: first, 
Mrs. Bruce Johnson, Mrs. W. Hibbs and Mrs. J. Matthews; second, Mrs. R. E. Moir, Mrs. Frank Thompson and Mrs. M. Hodgkinson. Mrs. R. H. Williams triples were won by, first, Mrs. Jack McFerran, Mrs. Frank Thompson and Mrs. J. Thomson; second, Mrs. A.Bishop, Mrs. Monty Cunningham, Mrs. James Cutler and Mrs. R. E. Moir; and singles, Mrs. Moir and Mrs. Frank Thompson, first and second, respectively.
Consolation singles were won by Mrs. Tom Jackson and Mrs. 
M. Hodgkinson, first and second; doubles by Mrs. F. Sproule and Mrs. J. Comrie, first, and Mrs. Frank Thompson and Mrs. J. D. Johnston, second; and consolation first by Miss Babs Irvine and Miss B. Proctor and second by Mrs. Monty Cunningham and Mrs. Jack Jackson.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2015-01-06