Calgary Herald

1953-05-08 Page 6




Rotary Anns Elect Mrs. Frank Morley As President

Mrs. Frank Morley was elected president of the Rotary Anns for the coming season at the annual meeting held at the Calgary Golf and Country Club.
The executive for the coming year will be: First vice-president, Mrs. J. E. Jefferies; second vice-president, Mrs. Richard Philp; secretary-treasurer, Mrs. Thomas Nisbet; social convener, Mrs. William P. Taylor; bowling, Mrs. Charles McKinnon; program, Mrs. William Adams; Belcher hospital, Mrs. R. M. Oliphant; Red Cross group, Mrs. Violet Stott; phoning, Mrs. Glen Elder. Mrs. R. D. Jenkins was welcomed as honorary president.
Annual reports were given on the activities of the past year. Mrs. R. P. Dinning, chairman, women's work committee, Calgary branch of the Red Cross, complimented the Red Cross group for the large quantity of excellent sewing which had been done by them at Red Cross House. The Belcher Hospital committee will continue to visit the hospital every Tuesday.
Rotary Anns were thanked for having assisted in driving the children to the School for Retarded Children up until Easter.
Bowling prizes were awarded to the winning teams and individuals, and gifts were presented to the retiring members of the executive in appreciation of their work. Mrs. D. A. Hansen, retiring president, was in the chair.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2014-10-19