Calgary Herald

1953-12-14 Page 6


Mrs. F. S. Miller Elected To Head L.O.B.A. Lodge 

At the recent meeting of Star and Crescent lodge No. 215, L.O.B.A., the installation of Mrs. F. S. Miller as worthy mistress was conducted at the request of Mrs. John McRae.
Installing officer was Mrs. R. E. Jones of Red Deer, past provincial grand mistress of Alberta (sister of Mrs. Miller). She was assisted by Mrs. L. G. Fisher, Mrs. J. T. Rae, Mrs. D. J. Naylor, Mrs. Teddy Attwood and Mrs. A. Hudson, with Mrs. P. F. Wadams at the piano.
The 1954 slate of officers includes Mrs. G. F. Chapman, deputy mistress; Mrs. Dan Palmer, junior deputy; Mrs. Annie Hart, recording secretary; Mrs. A. N. Melland, financial secretary; Mrs. Oscar Stonewall, treasurer; Mrs. Fred Kell, chaplain; Mrs. W. A. Collins, guardian; Mrs. Clarence Hollingworth, director of ceremonies; and Mrs. Peter Murray and Mrs. H. M. Wilson, lecturers.
Mrs. D. S. Hinchelwood was elected inner guard; on standing committee are Miss Edith Bagshaw, Mrs. M. B. Sibley, Miss Josephine Campbell and Mrs. R. L. Cook; audit will be supervised by Mrs Fred Lawrence, Mrs. L. J. Annand and Mrs. Pryse Jones; sick visitors, Mrs. John McRae, Miss Bagshaw and Mrs. A. N. Melland.
Immediate past-president, Mrs. Eleanor Townley, was presented with a jewel by Mrs. John McRae and on behalf of the members of the lodge, Mrs. F. S. Miller made a presentation of gifts to Mr. Townley, Mrs. John McRae, Mrs. P. F. Wadams, Mrs. W. A. Collins and to Mrs. Teddy Attwood.
The annual report given  by Mrs. W. A. Collins, social convener, showed that a substantial sum was realized by the proceeds of social activities during 1953 and following the auditors report, donations will be allotted to the various appeals.
Among those attending the meeting was William Donaldson, charter member of Star and Crescent lodge, who recalled the institution of the lodge in December 1917.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2015-02-01