Calgary Herald

1953-01-29 Page 30


Tuxis Officers Installed 

Barry Hughes, newly elected mayor of the Calgary Tuxis Boys' Council for 1953, was officially installed in office Tuesday night at a special ceremony at the city hall. Installed with him were Michael Brooks, deputy mayor; Jack Pentlund and Dennis McJumken, commissioners; and Larry Edwards, clerk and treasurer.
E. C. Cameron, secretary of the Religious Education Council for Alberta conducted the installation ceremony.
SPECIAL greetings to the new council were presented by Mayor D. H. Mackay; Barbara Perry, president of the C.G.I.T.; Stuart Munro, Calgary Boys Work Board; and Larry Edwards, premier of the Tuxis Parliament.
One of the first tasks facing the new mayor and council is the observance of Youth Week. All Calgary churches will take part in putting across this week, Feb. 1-7, dedicated to the youth of Canada.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2014-09-06