Calgary Herald

1953-12-01 Page 7


Mrs. P. J. LeGeyt Is Worthy Mistress of Unity L.O.B.A. 

The annual election of officers of Unity lodge No. 357, L.O.B.A. held Thursday evening in the I.O.O.F. hall, was conducted by Mrs. R. C. LeGeyt, assisted by Mrs. P. F. Wadams, Mrs. O. W. Andrus, Mrs. Alec Hutchison, Mrs. J. M. Williams and Mrs. Harold Wolton. Mrs. P. J. LeGeyt was chosen to succeed Mrs. George Doig as worthy mistress.
Mrs. Donald Davidson was named deputy mistress; Mrs. James Davies, junior deputy; Mrs. R. W. Long and Mrs. Winnie McClure, recording and financial secretaries; Mrs. Jack Proctor, treasurer; Mrs. Donald Hyndman, chaplain;
Mrs. Robt. Dick, guardian; Mrs. Jerry Whitley, director of ceremonies; Mrs. Gladys Elliot and Mrs. Horace McArthur, lecturers; Mrs. F. F. McIntyre, pianist; Mrs. Elizabeth Watson and L. E. MacKay, inner and outer guards; Mrs. George Daniels, Mrs. R. C. LeGeyt, Mrs Edith Smith and Mrs. Douglas Grant will comprise the  standing committee; Leonard MacKay will attend to the audit of the books; Mrs. Donald Davidson with Mrs. A. H. Horton and Mrs. R. W. Long will visit the sick and Mrs. L. G. Fisher will captain the degree team.
A gift was presented to Mrs. Neil Smith who is leaving the city to make her home in Edmonton. A donation of $5 to the T.B. campaign was authorized and scarlet degree was conferred on Mrs. G. L. Elliot. Mrs. John Bailey, social convener, reported on the financial success of the recently held annual bazaar and stated that Charles McArthur won the cake and that a rummage sale will be held Saturday at 10 a.m. in the new Orange hall (Parkdale United Church).
Mrs. P. J. LeG
eyt requested names of children of members of Unity lodge eligible to attend the Christmas tree entertainment.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2015-01-25