Calgary Herald

1953-07-07 Page 6


Lodge Installs New Officers

Miss Lois Forbes, Miss Lorraine Reutlinger, Miss Lena Becket, Mrs. D. E. Marchant, Mrs. Mary Bowman, Mrs. C. D. Murdock, Mrs. R. W. McColm, Mrs. R. A. Cornell, Mrs. R. F. Bowman, Mrs. Fred Blazenko, Mrs. L. E. Gebert, Mrs. C. C. Currie, Mrs. W. B. Fulton, Mrs. G. G. Worman and Mrs. O. A. Kelley were initiated into the Women of the Moose Calgary Chapter, No. 951 at the monthly meeting held in the Moose Temple. Senior regent Mrs. Glen Krausnick presided.
Following the initiation, installation of the new executive took place. Installing officers were: Regent, College of Regent member, 
Mrs. Omar Palin; chaplain, Mrs. Percy Cox; guide, Mrs. R. C. Rosser; pianists, Mrs. Sidney Bent and Mrs. D. Kirk; admitting guides, Mrs. Dave Kell and Mrs. Lorne Lytle; chairman, Mrs. Fred Kell.
Members of the new executive include, Junior graduate regent, Mrs. Glen Krausnick; senior regent, Mrs. Graham Broatch; junior regent, Mrs.Wesley Patterson; chaplain, Mrs. Dan Morland; recorder, Mrs. J. S. Cole; treasurer, Mrs. Jack Wilson; pianist, Mrs. Geo. Holmes; sentinel, Mrs. Allan Clark; argoes, Mrs. Dick Millar; senior guide, Mrs. Arthur Hawkins; junior guide, Mrs. Ed Kirzy. Appointed as chairmen were: Academy of Friendship, Mrs. Milton Dressel; Mooseheart Alumni, Mrs. Fred Gair; publicity, Mrs. D. S. Kell; library, Mrs. S. Keys; Mooseheart, Mrs. Ernest Bell; child care, Mrs. Myrtle Hutchinson; Moosehaven, Mrs John Bishop; ritual, Mrs. E. Bradley; hospital guild, Mrs. Mervin Doll; home making, Mrs. Hilda Doll; social service, Mrs. John Faubert; membership, Mrs. Wm. Laws; College of Regents, Mrs. Omer Palin; sponsors, Mrs. Albert Peacock; delinquent, Mrs. Aurell Smythe; kitchen and banquets, Mrs. Lorne Lytle; auditing, Mrs. Nellie Matheson; home chapter, Mrs. Jean Pratt.
Winner of the sponsors' draw, for a lamp, was Mrs. S. K

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