Calgary Herald

1953-08-29 Page 6


Vancouver Baritone Will Be Heard At Musical Club 

To open its 41st season the Calgary Women's Musical Club will present Donald Garrard, a Vancouver baritone who won the Singing Stars of Tomorrow contest last year.
The concert will be held Sept. 16 at 8:15 p.m. at Central United Church under the convenership of Mrs. Leo H. Miller, president of the club.
Other officers in the club for this year are:
Honorary president, Mrs. H. H. Sharples; past president, Mrs. W. E. Gray; first vice-president, Mrs. V. L. Donahue; second vice-president, Mrs. R. G. Williams Jr.; secretary, Mrs. E. C. Higginbotham; treasurer, Mrs. J. O. Taylor; membership secretary, Mrs. H. D. Patterson.
EXECUTIVE: Mrs. R. W. Bernard, Mrs. F. A. Bilton, Mrs. R. D. Curtwell?, Mrs. W. H. Carr, Mrs. W. B. Cromarty, Mrs. A. A. Dick, Miss Jean Evely, Mrs. E. M. Gillespie, Mrs. W. K. Gross, Mrs. I. Kline, Mrs. S. H. McLeod, Mrs. H. M. Paterson, Mrs. H. I. Wilson, Mrs. R. S. Woodford.
Honorary Executive: Mrs. G. P. F. Boese, Mrs. Phyllis Chapman Clarke, Mrs. W. G. Egbert, Mrs. Clayton Hare, Mrs. W. T. Hobson, Mrs. P. J. Moore, Mrs. R. L. Nicolson,  Mrs. A. I. Shumlatcher, Mrs. G. B. Switzer, Mrs. F. H. Whitney.
Social committee: Mrs. A. I. Shumlatcher, (convener); Mrs. S. H. McLeod and Mrs. W. H. Gross.
Music committee: Mrs. G. P. F. Boese, Mrs. Phyllis Chapman Clarke, Mrs. V. L. Donahue, Miss Jean Evely, Mrs. E. M. Gillespie, Mrs. W. E. Gray, Mrs. W. T. Hobson, Mrs. Leo H. Miller, Mrs. J. O.Taylor, Mrs. R. G. Williams Jr.
Miss Mary Lou Dawes will be official accompanist this year.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2014-12-14