Calgary Herald

1953-10-27 Page 12


Oldtimers Hold Annual Election

(By Herald Correspondent)
Some 100 old timers gathered in the Legion hall, Friday, for coffee and card games. President R. M. Merchant presided and called on Fred Hood, whose 77th birthday was being observed, to stand and take an ovation from those present.
The president also noted that members of the association who had died since the last meeting were Mrs. Blanche Thomas, Simon Baardseth, Karl Scheffelmaier, John Thomson, William Roach, Mrs. Walter Snyder, Alister McKenzie and Carl Klacko. A period of silence was observed in their honor.
VISITING oldtimers were Thomas Roce and Clarence Harmon of Botha, and G. H. Stannard of Edmonton.
Following films shown in the evening by school principal M. R. Butterfield, a dance was held. The senior citizens stepped lively when a square dance or schottische was called.
Election of officers in the afternoon saw Edward Stokes made president; Harold Selfors vice-president; and Mayor John Stewart, re-elected secretary-treasurer. Directors re-elected were Mrs. William Merchant, Archie Waltham, John Carter and Ed. Nelson.
New members to the board by acclamation were James Barnes of Brownfield, and James Thring.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2015-01-03