Calgary Herald

1953-03-10 Page 12


Rotarians Elect New Officers

CRANBROOK, B.C.-- New slate of officers elected by the Cranbrook Rotary Club to take office July 1 is headed by David Sheppard as president. Ross Pascuzoo, past president, J. A. Dennison, vice-president; Ron Coulleaux secretary, Thomas Winchester as treasurer and E. T. Wood, sergeant-at-arms. Directors are F. P. Levirs, Keith DeArmond, Dr. W. G. Watts, William Riley, V. C. Brown and Stanley Moffatt. Membership is at a peak, 431.
Preparations are being made for a visit April 10 at Kimberley of mining engineering students from foreign countries, under auspices of Washington State College at Pullman, and the Pullman Rotary Club. Cranbrook Rotary will join Kimberley Rotary in their entertainment when they visit the Cominco workings at the Sullivan mine.
WITH REGARD to provision of needed housing accommodation here, the Chamber of Commerce sent delegates Cece Tiller and T. A. Moore to interview the city council concerning a proposed plan. It would be construction by private contractors by tender in a concentrated area of a minimum of 20 three-bedroom homes at $7,500 each for sale to applicants on the basis of $1,500 down payment, and 20-year financing at $45 to $50 monthly, to complete payment.
PROJECT under consideration by the city council for more than a year has been a government housing subdivision of 30 houses at about $10,000 each, available only on a rental basis at $65 a month. It would be constructed under Central Mortgage and Housing Corporation.
To gauge extent of public interest, the city clerk, R. N. Chester is asking re-application before noon March 14 of those interested in the rental plan homes, with a minimum objective of 50 applications required to continue efforts in this direction.
Chamber of Commerce proposals were tabled by the city council pending the response to the other plan.

Extracted by J. Kynman