Calgary Herald

1953-02-26 - Page 6



I.O.D.E. Chapter Elects Mrs. C.B. Cooper As Regent

The annual meeting of the Dr. Geraldine Oakley chapter, I.O.D.E. was held recently at the home of Mrs. J. R. McMurchy, with the chapter regent, Mrs. D. R. Buchanan presiding. The following executive for 1953 was elected:
Regent, Mrs. C. B. Cooper; first vice-regent, Mrs. A. J. Trott; second, Mrs. C. MacInnes; secretary, Mrs. E. P. McDonagh; treasurer, Miss Dorothea Adamson; Echoes Secretary, Mrs. F. G. Wetherall; education, Mrs. C.  Egan; standard bearer, Mrs. C. E. Gray; and assistant secretary, Mrs. D. L. Carter.
Business for the year was completed and reports from committee conveners showed a successful year.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2014-09-19