Calgary Herald

1953-02-04 Page 24


Joint Rites Staged For Fernie Lodges

(By Canadian Press)
FERNIE, B.C.-- Joint installation of the officers of the Mount Fernie and Esther Rebekah lodges, I.O.O.F. were held in the Oddfellows Hall recently. Installing officers for the Mount Fernie Lodge were D.D.G.M. James White, assisted by Grand Marshal Harry Burrows.
The officers of the Esther Rebekah Lodge were installed by District President Alice Slaine, assisted by Grand Master D. Hardy.
THOSE INSTALLED were: Fernie Lodge N.G., Harry Tymchuck; R.S., Robert Craig; treasurer, T. J. Oakley; conductor, G. Butler; I.G., Fred Chivers; L.S.N.G., R. Butler; L.S.V.G., James Scott; L.S.S., Mike Slavens; chaplain, William Waller; V.G., Archie Fleming; F.S., William Thomson; warden, Alfred Simcoe; O.G., Tom Reid; R.S.N.G., Harry Burrows; R.S.V.G., Vernon Baker; R.S.S., Charles Gillett; pianist, Frank Bricker.
ESTHER Rebekah Lodge: N.G., M. Nelson; R.S., A. Chivers; treasurer, M. Woodhouse; conductor, D. Battersby; I.G., Peg Smolik; L.S.N.G, L. Hartley; L.S.V.G., M. Zura; chaplain, B. Smith; L.A.S., R. Williams; V. G., I. Peters; F. S., F. Owen; warden, Betty Cannon; O.G., Jennie Simcoe; R.S.N.G., Jennie Letcher; R.S.V.G., G. Martin; pianist, L. Auguson; R.A.S., B. Friesen.
James White gave a talk in Thomas Wiley, the founder of Oddfellowship in Baltimore, in 1819.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2014-09-13