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Calgary Herald

1953-07-13 Page 14


Fernie Club Draws Up Extensive Program 

(By Herald Correspondent)
FERNIE, B.C.-- Newly elected officers of the Fernie Rotary Club were installed in office this week. Those who took office were: President, Louis Maffioli; first vice-president, James White; second vice-president, Ross Colgur; secretary, Jack Irvine; treasurer, William Thomson; and past-president, Syd Crookes. The directors are Stan Thorne, Albert Marasco, Egerton King, Len Hunnable,
 Joe Haile and Bert Walton.
The extensive work of the club is shown by its numerous committees. The work of the organization is divided into four groups, Club, vocational, community, and International services.
THE CLUB service work is divided into 11 sections. This committee is headed by James White. 
Other members of the committee are Telfer Dicks, Jack Minton, Owen Corrigan, Bert Walton, Syd Crookes, Ross Colgur, Angus McPhee, Tom Beck, Orlando Kay, Len Hunnable and Albert Marasco.
THE VOCATIONAL service committee consists of Tom Ewart, chairman, Ken Stewart, Ken Cook, and James White. This committee deals with such matters as buyer-seller relations, competitor relations, employer-employee relations and trade associations.
It is in the community service department that the work of the club comes before the general public. The head of this committee is Ross Colgur.
OTHER MEMBERS are Dr. Murdo McRitchie, William Thomson, Egerton King, Dr. Sparling East, Bob Shannon, George Turner, Joe Haile and Keith Macken. This  committee's work includes such work as Crippled Children Fund, Winter Carnival, Christmas Seals, Labor Day, Rotary-School Band, new arena and other events.
The work of the fourth group, International Service, which consists of such things as Rotary International and United Nations, is carried out by a committee headed by Ken Stewart, chairman, Jack Irvine, G. E. Elkington and Syd Crookes.

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