Calgary Herald

1953-01-14 Page 17


Rebekah Team Installs Slate

(By Herald Correspondent)
HIGH RIVER-- Mrs. C. Gould and her team of Nanton were present with Harmony Rebekah Lodge No. 11 I.O.O.F., Thursday to install incoming officers.
Mrs. C. M. Wake; Junior, P.G., Mrs. John Stephenson; V.G., Mrs. Freddie Fisk; chaplain, Mrs. Neil Ross; recording 
secretary, Mrs. Carl Moore; financialsecretary, Mrs. Jim Street; treasurer, Mrs. W. A. Maguire; R.S.N.G., Mrs. Donald Gaunce; L.S.N.G., Mrs. L. B. Frey; R.S.V.G., Mrs. Wm. Surtzer; L.S.V.G., Mrs.Elmer Emerson; organist, Mrs. Cecil Mitton; degree mistress, Mrs. Art Weber.
FILMS of the United Nations were shown by Teddy Squires. Lunch was served under the convenership of Mrs. Ed Hoeh. At the next meeting on Jan. 22, it is planned to entertain member of Esther Lodge No. 1 of Calgary.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2014-08-17