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Highland Dance Contests Held 

The Alberta Highland Dancing Association, Calgary Branch, has announced the results of the annual fall dancing competition, held recently in the Mewata Recreational Hut.
Thirteen classes of dancers took part in the annual competition, which attracted a large crowd of spectators.
Loree Martin of Red Deer judged the dancers, and Allan Lomheim of Calgary provided the pipe music.
Following is a list of results:
HIGHLAND FLING, under eight years (novice)-- 1, Margaret E. Templeton; 2, Darlene Volk; 3, Gwen Walker; 4, Nancy Thompson. Highland fling, under 12 years (novice)-- 1, Joan Burvill; 2, Donna Marlene Robinson; 3, Marilyn Wheeler. Highland fling, under eight years-- 1, Paddy Skelly; 2, Marilyn A. Fairbrother; 3, Geraldine Gerlitz; 4, Trudy Mercer.
Seann Truibhas, under 10 years-- 1, Donna Kirkbride; 2, Sherry Skelly; 3, Carolyn Deines. Sword dance, under 12 years-- 1, Margaret Fisher; 2, Gail L. Haden; 3, Margaret A. Gammon; 4, Bonnie Dixon. Sword dance, under eight years-- 1, Gwenyth Deines; 2, Geraldine Gerlitz; Paddy Skelly; 4, Trudy Mercer.
Highland fling, under 14 years- 1, Louise Hogarth; 2, Phyllis Robinson; 3, Yvonne Points; 4, Barbara Coleman. Highland fling, under 16 years (novice)-- 1, Lorraine Bissett; 2, Jean Munro.
SAILORS' HORNPIPE, under 10 years-- 1, Donna Kirkbride; 2, Sherry Skelly. Sailors' hornpipe, under 16 years-- 1, Leone Daub; 2, Kathleen Mackie; 3, Elinor Suitor; 4, Jane Kulka.
Seann Truibhas, under 16 years-- 1, Leone Daub; 2, Kathleen Mackie; 3, Jane Kulka; 4, Elinor Suitor. Irish Jig, under 12 years-- 1, Bonnie Dixon; 2, Margaret  Fisher; 3, Sherrie Stahl; 4, Sharon Gracey. Irish Jig, under 14 years-- 1, Phyllis Robinson; 2, Louise Hogarth; 3, Yvonne Points; 4, Patricia Evans.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2015-01-25