Calgary Herald

1953-02-18 Page 7



Executive Elected By I.O.D.E. Chapter At Annual Meeting 

Mrs. L. H. Gier was elected regent of the Colonel Macleod chapter I.O.D.E. at the annual meeting held recently in The Calgary Herald board room. Other members elected to the 1953 executive include:
Honorary regent, Mrs. A. E. Cross; honorary vice-regent, Mrs. W. R. Hull; first and second vice-regents, Mrs. A. W. Brooks and Mrs. M. A. Bailey; secretary, Mrs. G. P. Tucker; treasurer, Mrs. J. P. Costello; educational secretary, Mrs. W. T. Haynes; Echoes, Mrs. James Johnson; membership, Mrs. Roy Twitchen; and standard bearer, Mrs. J. P. Gordon.
The education secretary, Mrs. A. W. Brooks, reported that books, a British package games and Christmas treats were sent to the chapter's newly-adopted school at Evansburg, Alberta.
Mrs. Gier, convener of services at home and abroad, reported that members had tagged on Poppy Day, and a wreath had been made and placed on the South African war memorial.
Nursery bags had been made and filled for the Alberta maternity assistance scheme, and a layette made for shipment overseas. Members had entertained at the Veterans' Convalescent hospital, and contributed refreshments to the Christmas party at the Old Folks' home.
As standard bearer Mrs. J. P. Gordon carried the standard at all meetings and ceremonies. A luncheon preceded the meeting, and the retiring regent was presented with a gift in recognition of her service.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2014-09-19