Calgary Herald

1953-02-21 - Page 7


I.O.D.E. Juniors To Attend Coronation, Tour United Kingdom 

Five members of the Imperial Order Daughters of the Empire Junior chapters (Children of the Empire junior branch) will join the Canadian party during the Commonwealth Youth Movement visit to the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, and will tour the United Kingdom, under the auspices of the National chapter, I.O.D.E.
Shirly Elliott, Quebec City, is a member of the Plains of Abraham Junior, I.O.D.E. chapter and at present attending Western University, London, Ontario. Ann Wray, Montreal, of the Weston Junior chapter. Helen Ann Wyman, Halifax, N.S., of the Citadel Junior chapter. Barbara McCurdy, regent, and Mary Lindsay, Simcoe, Ontario, of the Heather Baden Powell Junior chapter are all outstanding students in their respective secondary schools.
The I.O.D.E. representatives will wear regulation uniforms consisting of a gray skirt, coronation crimson blazer with Canada and the crown in gold on the pocket and I.O.D.E. flash on each shoulder. The tour, which is in co-operation with the Overseas Education League of Canada, is under the direction of Major F. J. Ney, founder and organizer of the Commonwealth Youth Movement. The party will sail in the Empress of France from Montreal May 15th and return July 6th.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2014-09-19