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1953-03-16 Page 6



Mrs. Alan Purvis Heads Municipal Chapter I.O.D.E. 

At the 35th annual meeting of the Calgary Municipal Chapter I.O.D.E. held recently in the Gas Company auditorium, a life membership in the chapter was presented to the retiring regent, Mrs. C. D. Ciley. Her successor is Mrs. Alan Purvis.
The presentation was made by Mrs. R. L. Nicolson, who outlined Mrs. Ciley's service to the chapter. Mrs. Nicolson also gave Mrs. Ciley a United Nations service bar in honor of her son's service in Korea and on behalf of the chapter, Mrs. R. M. Dennison presented Mrs. Ciley with a corsage.
The officers who will direct the chapter for 1953 are: regent, Mrs. Alan Purvis; first vice-regent, Mrs. R. B. Florendine; second vice-regent, Mrs. E. S. Buchan; secretary, Mrs. W. G. Swinburne; assistant secretary, Miss Enid May; treasurer, Mrs. Thomas Bishop, M.B.E.; educational secretary, Mrs. A. P. Dodds; Echoes secretary, Mrs. C. J. Orman; organizing secretary, Mrs. C. D. Ciley; standard bearer, Mrs. J. P. Gordon; supply secretary, Mrs. R. M. Wilson.
The secretary, Mrs. W. G. Swinburne, outlined the activities of the chapter for the past year, mentioning the founder's day service, presentation of the standards at the South African memorial service, and recorded the films that were shown at meetings.
IN HER TREASURER'S report, Mrs. Thomas Bishop said that chapters had raised $21,819 during the 1952-53 season. Mrs. R. B. Florendine gave the educational report, and said of the above sum, $1,231 was spent on scholarships, bursaries, adopted schools, libraries and assistance to students.
Now playing a major role in the order's activities, the work of the new services at home and abroad committee was reported by Mrs. A. P. Dodds. In this department $7,252 was spent on British and European relief, seaman's amenities, cigarettes for Korea, overseas parcels and nursery bags for British hospitals. Locally the chapter gave parties at the Old Folk's Home, the Ogden hostel, and the Sunday Fireside Hour at the C.N.I.B. Visits have been made to the adopted wards in the Col. Belcher hospital and convalescent hospitals. 
AN INCREASE in the membership was recorded by Mrs. D. V. Hicks, the organizing secretary. Other reports of the chapter activities were given by Mrs. C. J. Orman, who gave the Echoes magazine report; Mrs. J. P. Gordon, standard bearer's report; Mrs. C. F. Thompson, supply; Mrs. William Ross, Commonwealth and  Empire; Mrs. William Stewart, Empire and world affairs; Mrs. William Rothwell, films; Mrs. R. M. Dennison, hospitality; Mrs. W. C. Egan, press, and Mrs. P. Baxendale, immigration and Canadianization.
The Municipal chapter is affiliated with the United Nations Association, the Canadian Association of Consumers, the Council of Social Agencies, and the John Howard Society.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2014-09-27