Calgary Herald

1953-03-02 Page 7


Tan-Nis-Uk Chapter I.O.D.E. Re-Elects Slate 

e 39th annual meeting of the Tan-nis-uk Chapter, I.O.D.E. was held recently at The Herald board room, following a dinner party in the Pump room.
All 1952 officers were re-elected by acclamation: Honorary regent, Mrs. W. D. Spence (Edmonton); regent, Mrs. Mary Nolan; vice-regent, Mrs. J. H. Weir; second, Mrs. S.  C. Murison; secretary, Mrs. C. R. Puley; treasurer, Mrs. A. J. West; educational secretary, Mrs. P. A. Moodie; Echoes secretary, Mrs. Floyd K. Beach; standard bearer, Mrs. H. P. Hartley.
MRS. C. R. PULEY, in her secretarial report reviewed the chapter's activities during the year. Mrs. A. J. West, the treasurer, read the auditor's report, showing all commitments to the national, provincial, and municipal chapters, had been met and that donations were made to the coronation bursary, and miscellaneous educational fund, British and European relief, shipping fund, Seamen's Amenities fund, Commonwealth and Empire affairs, Peace Garden Fund, film fund, the John Howard Society, and the Nick Bedniak Fund.
Educational secretary, Mrs. P. A. Moodie, reported that educational books, magazines, play equipment, and a Christmas parcel had been sent to the Chapter's adopted school, River Valley. Mrs. R. H. Warwick, convener, services at home and abroad reported that nursery bags had been sent to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in London, England, two layettes for overseas, and magazines to the Col. Belcher hospital and the Veterans' Convalescent hospital. Members had assisted in the Christmas party for the Old Folks' Home and had sold poppies on Poppy Day.
Other reports read were: Echoes, Mrs. Floyd K. Beach; Empire and world affairs 
committee, Dr. Margaret Potts; and standard bearer, Mrs. H. P. Hartley.
 March meeting will be held in The Herald board room.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2014-09-25