Calgary Herald

1953-10-30 Page 33


Lady Golfers Elect Officers

Mrs. G. Patterson was elected president for the Ladies section of the Inglewood Golf and Country Club at a recent annual meeting and banquet held in the clubhouse.  Other officers were elected as follows: vice president, Miss J. Coates; secretary-treasurer, Miss B. Niven; captain, Mrs. J. B.  Whitely; vice-captain, Mrs. A. Attewell; social convener, Mrs. J. Cox.
Mrs. R. Hayden extended a vote of thanks to Mrs. Cox and her members for their work of the past season. Following the election of officers thepresentation of prizes were made: club championship, Mrs. J. B. Whitely; runner-up, 
Mrs. A. Attewell; club consolation, Miss L. Waring; runner-up, Miss R. Montgomerie-Bell; first flight, Miss J. Hartley; runner-up, Miss A. Leggart; second flight, Mrs. W. Galiardi; runner-up, Mrs. M. Walters; third flight, Miss M. Koch; runner-up, Miss M. Hoey; oughton trophy, Mrs. J. B. Whitely; runner-up, Miss J. Elliott; Oughton consolation, Miss J. Hartley; runner-up, Miss J. Coates; Toyne trophy, Mrs. R. Montgomerie-Bell; runner-up, Mrs. J. B. Whitely; 36 handicap trophy, Mrs. W. Galiardi.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2015-01-06