Calgary Herald

1953-06-23 Page 13


Windermere Lions Hold Annual Elections 

(By Herald Correspondent)
INVERMERE, B.C.-- Lake Windermere District Lions Club elected Joe H. Renwick of Canal Flat president, to succeed Melvin McArthur of Windermere. Secretary is Arnol
d J. Quinn, Canal Flat. Vice-presidents are G. H. Walker, Invermere; William Penner, Edgewater and J. W. Blakeley, Radium, treasurer is Tom Cookson of Invermere.
Everett Thygessen of Windermere is lion tamer and C. R. Tipple Athalmer is tail twister.
DIRECTORS for two year terms are Lloyd Wilder and Adolph Sattmann, both of Windermere; and directors for one year terms are Earl A. Wilder, Windermere and Chris Madson, Radium Hot Springs.
The new board of directors takes over July 1.
The Lions Club plans a gala community sports day July 1 at the Lions Club park, with children's sports and ball games. Festivities will end with a dance.
WINDERMERE District Road and Gun Club, in co-operation with the game department, has imported 14 beavers into the district this spring, to improve fishing conditions. Beaver, brought in two years ago, have built lodges and established families, and made the experiment a success.
Beaver brought in this spring have been placed in Marion Creek, (at Thunder Hill draining into Columbia Lake), the North Salmon River at Brisco; Lead Queen Lake, Hall Lake and at old beaver lodges between Forster and Frances Creeks beyond Wilmer.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2014-11-22