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1953-04-21 Page 6


Junior Service League Elects Mrs. J. R. Francis 

Members of the Junior Service League of Calgary saw Mrs. J. R. Francis elected president at the League's annual meeting held Monday evening at the Palliser hotel. She succeeds Mrs. A. R. Winzeler.
In her presidential address Mrs. Winzeler reported more than 12,000 hours of volunteer service given to the community during the past year. Fifty-five members gave volunteer service volunteer service in League projects, 24 members in community projects, while 19 members held administrative positions and five served on various welfare and cultural boards in the city.
"IN THE COMMUNITY projects we aim to give efficient volunteer service until such time as the requesting organization may become self-sufficient, and to the extent that the organization may expand its existing program" she said. These projects include the Red Cross Crippled Children's hospital, the Col. Belcher hospital, the Golden Age Club, the Well Baby Clinic and Civil Defence work, In the past year two new projects, the Red Cross Blood Donor Clinic and the C.N.I.B. were added.
The president reported that the Next-To-New shop had netted $5,000 and the Stampede Stir-Up Party $6,565, an increase of more than $2,000 over the previous year. These projects, she said, enabled the League to continue operating its nursery, to the extent that it has become a full-fledged project.
THE TREASURER, Mrs. Stanley Horner, reported the League's net assets at $34,390, which included the administration account of $1,019; charity, $3,204; and the Next-To-New Shop, $534. In addition $4,600 was spent in repairs and renovations to the House.
Mrs. J. R. Francis in her vice-president's report, said that the League board decided during the past summer that due to the capacity number of its own charges in the Junior Service League nursery, it could no longer accommodate children from the Booth Memorial Home. The League has therefore guaranteed to the latter $30 monthly for 10 months in support of the nursery which the Home plans to establish for its charges. Mrs. Francis also reported that several professional members took a Braille course during the summer to assist them in their work with the C.N.I.B.
THE EDUCATION report, given by Mrs. A. S. Palmer, listed a contribution of $50 to the Allied Arts Centre's December picture exhibition and sale, and a tea sponsored by the League at the Coste House in October. The League also sponsored a children's musical appreciation radio series over station CKXL, at a cost of $275. The series, which began Jan. 16 and will conclude Friday, featured a recorded dramatization of the lives of 13 great composers, under the title "Up and Down The Scales."
Provisional League members, as part of their training course, were given ten lectures on cultural, educational and welfare topics by prominent citizens experienced in these fields. The League also had representatives on the board and executive of the Allied Arts Centre, and on the Calgary Symphony  Board.
THE NEXT-TO-NEW shop report, given by Mrs. Gordon Carter, showed a net profit of $5,000 for the past year. It operates five afternoons weekly, with 12 sales-girls and four pricing girls, and is supplied with stock donated by League members, who meet a required quota yearly.
Mrs. V. C. Morrison reported that 961 babies and pre-school children had attended the Killarney Well Baby Clinic sponsored by the League, in the past year, an increase of more than 160 over the year previous. It was staffed by one doctor and two nurses from the City health department and two League volunteers. Latterly another nurse was added. The League will also assist in the new permanent health unit to be located on Scotland St. and 17th Ave., the city's first attempt at de-centralizing its health department.
THE RED CROSS hospital report, given by Mrs. A. C. Walsh, showed that members had given 1,159 hours of service with six volunteers. It has added one volunteer in the X-ray department and one in the occupational therapy department. The professional representative, Miss Barbara Graham, reported 4 members completed the Braille course and are now operating Braille-typing machines and transcribing reading material, into Braille at the C.N.I.B.
Two professional members did telephone work at the Red Cross Blood Donors Clinic once a week, and the number was increased to ? members, each making more than 70 calls per evening.
Mrs. Brent Johnston reported that an average of 300 books per month had been distributed in five wards at the Col. Belcher hospital during the past year by league volunteers. The placement chairman's report was given by Mrs. Robert E. Walker, the report of the zone and uniforms chairman by Mrs. A. W. Howard, and the public relations report by Mrs. W. M. Haggart.
THE NEW EXECUTIVE and board is as follows: President, Mrs. J. R. Francis; vice-president, Mrs. Stanley Horner; recording secretary, Mrs. A. C. Walsh; corresponding secretary, Mrs. John Mooney; and treasurer, Mrs. J. G. Simonton.
Committee chairmen are: placement, Mrs. V. C. Morrison; membership, Miss Sheila Scott; public relations, Mrs. W. M. Haggart; education, Mrs. A. A. Dixon; ways and means, Mrs. Robert E. Waller; zones and uniforms, Mrs. Edmund Marshall; shop, Mrs. Gordon Carter; Golden Age Club, Mrs. John McKay; nursery, Miss Kay Tait; Well Baby Clinic, Mrs. D. W. Ramsay; Col. Belcher hospital, Mrs. Brent Johnston; Red Cross hospital, Mrs. John Ballachey; and sustaining member, Mrs. W. S. Hall.
THE DAY NURSERY report, given by Mrs. R. V. Addy, showed a total of 58 children from 41 families enrolled during t he year. In 35 of the families there was only one parent in the home, while six had both parents. There were 279 enquiries from mothers who desired nursery care for their children. Some were financially able to pay for other types of care, but, had the nursery been able to accommodate them, it could have handled 203 of  those children.
The fees are calculated on a sliding scale according to the relative income and size of the family. The maximum rate per child is $1.25 weekly. Total receipts for the year were $613. The nursery has offered day care for 25 children between the ages of two and five years, for five days weekly from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. It has three paid staff members, a housekeeper and two part-time teachers. In addition the nursery uses 35 volunteers weekly.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2014-10-12