Calgary Herald

1953-01-23 Page 10


Joint Ceremony Held By Pythians

(By Herald Correspondent)
KIMBERLEY, B.C.-- Joint installation ceremonies took place here, when new slates of
 Kimberly Castle of Knights of Pythias and its associated Pythian Sisters Lodge took office. Officers for Knights in the ceremonies were: Claude Simpson, Alec Preston and Jack Morrison; and for the Pythian Sisters, Mrs. Doreen Jones and Mrs. Florence Colthorp.
Mrs. Sadie McKay became past chief of the Sisters; Mrs. Pauline Birrell, most excellent chief; Mrs. Bea 
Simpson, grand senior; Mrs. Willa McClure, grand junior; Mrs. June Leonhardt, manager; Mrs. Margaret Chappell, secretary; Mrs. Ethel Bureau, treasurer; and Mrs. Marguerite Thomason and Mrs. Catherine Austin, guards.
OFFICERS  of the Knights are Douglas Corrie, grand chancellor; George William, vice-chancellor; Cliff 
Leonhardt, prelate; Philip Olsen, master-at-arms; R. C. Bastedo, secretary; Jack McKim, treasurer; Bob Keith, financial secretary; Joe Moleski, master-of-works; Louis Beduz, inner guard; and John Morris, outer guard.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2014-08-31