Calgary Herald

1953-06-30 Page 9



Lions Officers Are Installed

(By Herald Correspondent)
KIMBERLEY, B.C.-- As final official duty retiring 
Lions Club Zone Chairman Max Tennenbein of Kimberley installed the officers in his own club here. They were president W. J. ?nbeth, who succeeds Milo Fabro; vice-presidents B. V. Rinaldi, Angus Profit and Lloyd Larsen; directors, Dr. B. Krasnoff, Bill Coupland, Johnny Young, and Stan Nemrava; secretary, William Moscovitz; treasurer, George Felker; lion-tamer, Bert Fisher; and tail-twister, Chris Sorensen.
Representatives from all clubs in East Kootenay were present, and Mr. Tennenbein officially transferred the new chairmanship for the zone to Roger Stephenson of Bonner's Ferry, who 
also brought a contingent of guests from his club.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2014-11-30