Calgary Herald

1953-02-18 Page 11


I.O.D.E. Groups Name Officers

(By Herald Correspondent) 

KIMBERLEY, B.C.-- Both Kimberley and Cranbrook chapters of the I.O.D.E. have had their annual meetings with election and installation of new officers. A successful year of operations with support of local and national projects was reported by both. 
At Kimberley Sullivan Mine Chapter re-elected its regent, Mrs. Gordon McCallum, and named other officers: Mrs. Don Harrison and Mrs. J. R. Giegerich, vice-regents; Mrs. C. C. Scholfield and Mrs. Stanley James, secretaries; Mrs. A. G. Stirling, treasurer; and Mrs. H. S. Nordlund, historian. 
NAMED committee chairmen were: Mrs. C. P. Lane for empire study, Mrs. William Clark for films, Mrs. Donald Bentley for services, Mrs. J. E. Scanland for education, Mrs. C. D. Backstrom for "Echo", and Mrs. W. H. Webber for publicity. 
Elected councilors were Mrs. C. W. Davis, Mrs. W. B. Fulton, Mrs. J. M. Wolverton, Mrs. B. H. Bentley and Mrs. Daniel Boone. 
CRANBROOK'S Kuskanook Chapter has re-elected Mrs. A. A. Coburn as regent and named Mrs. W. J. Wilson and Mrs. J. A. Webb, vice-regents; Mrs. R. S. Moffatt, treasurer; Mrs. W. G. T. Taylor, secretary; Mrs. Ray Williston, standard-bearer; Mrs. Harry Dorris, education secretary; Mrs. W. D. Smith, empire study secretary, Miss Joan Bowley, "Echo" secretary; and councilors Mrs. J. M. Felkins, Mrs. A. D. Kay and Mrs. M. W. Reade. 

Extracted by J. Kynman 2014-09-19