Calgary Herald

1953-03-24 Page 6


L.O.B.A. In Alberta Holds Annual Sessions In Calgary 

The annual sessions of the provincial grand lodge of the L.O.B.A. in Alberta held last week in the Al Azhar temple concluded with the election of the election of the new executive, when Mrs. Peter Slater of Medicine Hat was chosen provincial grand mistress of Alberta.
Mrs. R. W. Prendergast, Red Deer, conducted the election, assisted by Mrs. O. E. Wiltzen, Mrs. John Adamson, and Mrs. A. D. Trussler, all of Edmonton.
THE NEW SLATE of officers includes Mrs. Forrest Plowman, Red Deer, deputy grand mistress; Mrs. W. A. Collins, Calgary, junior deputy grand mistress; Mrs. A. H. Horton, Calgary, grand secretary; Mrs. Wilfred Davies, Edmonton, deputy grand secretary; Mrs. L. Colbourne, Manville, grand treasurer; Mrs. F. M. White, Edmonton, deputy grand treasurer; Mrs. J. T. Rae, Calgary, grand chaplain; Mrs. Alec Barr, Edmonton, grand director of ceremonies; Mrs. D. J. Naylor, Calgary, and Mrs. J. Jamieson, Rocky Mountain House, are grand lecturers.
Mrs. John Bailey, Calgary was elected grand director of girls' Juvenile lodges in Alberta; Mrs. Neil Lehman of Camrose, Mrs. J. M. Jackson of Irma andMrs. W. Mayson, Edmonton, are grand auditors. Installation of new officers was conducted by Mrs. L. G. Fisher, assisted by Mrs. James Dawson of Edmonton, Mrs. R. E. Jones of Red Deer, and Mrs. John McRae, Calgary.
FOLLOWING the invocation by Rev. Dr. R. J. Westaway, the sessions were opened by Mrs. M. M. Mozel, provincial grand mistress, who presided. Honorary membership in the provincial grand lodge of Alberta was conferred on Mrs. Teddy Attwood of Naomi Lodge No. 132; Mrs. Charles Favell and Mrs. Alfred Kirkby, both of Ulster lodge No. 220, Calgary.
Mrs. Mozel reported on the progress of the L.O.B.A. and Mrs. A. H. Horton, grand secretary, reported an increase in membership. She read greetings from the Grand lodges of British America, Newfoundland, Saskatchewan; Mrs. James Fisher of Coquitlam, B.C.,; Mrs. H. H. Quick, Mrs. H. Murray, Mrs. A. Gilfillan, Mrs. F. S. Botsford, all of Edmonton; Mrs. J. Toone of Camrose and Juvenile Orange lodge at Rocky Mountain House; also from Buckingham Palace for sympathy and a pledge of loyalty.
MRS. L. COLBOURNE, grand treasurer, reported on the financial standing of the grand lodge verified by the auditors' report read by Mrs. Neil Lehman, Camrose. At noon a banquet was held in the dining room of the First Baptist Church, when 175 out-of-town delegates were guests of the Calgary members. Mrs. L. G. Fisher was toast mistress. Mayor D. H. Mackay extended a civic welcome to the delegates and lauded the aims and achievements of the organization. Mr. R. E. Haynes, Edmonton, grand master of the L.O.L. in Alberta, also spoke briefly. Mrs. Peter Slater responded.
Competitions for the Margaret Alton trophy were held, the judges, Mrs. Neil Lehman, Camrose, Mrs. C. H. Ames, Pincher Creek, and Mrs. K. Dermitt, Wetaskiwin, who awarded the trophy to Unity Lodge No. 357 of Calgary. It was presented to Mrs. George Doig, worthy mistress, and Mrs. L. Fisher, degree captain, by Mrs. Mozel. Gifts and flowers were presented to Mrs. Fisher, Mrs. McIntyre, and Mrs. Horton.
MRS. L. G. FISHER and Mrs. John McRae, secretary and treasurer of the Alberta Protestant Home for Children trust fund, were re-elected and gave an account of receipts to the fund. As the board of directors recommend extention of the home in Edmonton, and as the Ladies' Orange Benevolent Association, jointly with the men's association, maintains it, $6,000 was granted to finance the proposed addition to accommodate more children. The Margaret Dunne Memorial lodge No. 792, Wetaskiwin, won the shield for the largest donation per member to the Home trust fund.
Conveners of different committees were Mrs. P. F. Wadams, credentials; Mrs. R. C. LeGeyt, correspondence; Mrs. George Reynolds, resolutions; Mrs. R. C. Rosser, petitions; Mrs. W. Mayson, Edmonton, suspensions; Mrs. E. Colborne, Edmonton, returns; Mrs. Neil Smith, finance and Mrs. W. Duplessis, courtesies. All conveners brought reports on their respective assignments. Calgary Girls Juvenile Orange Lodge members were introduced by their guardian, Mrs. R. C. LeGeyt and demonstrated part of their ritualistic work. Mrs. Margaret MacDowell read an address of welcome and Miss Julia LeGeyt presented a gift to the grand mistress.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2014-10-06